Immigrant Rights Teach-In // Self-Defense

 Immigrant Rights Teach-In and Know Your Rights Presentation

“Join directly affected community members, allies, organizers and lawyers as we gather to discuss how to prepare and defend immigrant communities.”

I wonder if this”know your rights” element could be a part of the workshops we develop. I also appreciate their RSVP link, which included a survey about translation needs and other information.

Another related idea is ‘self-defense’ workshops, and Shaun Leonardo has been doing some related work:

I Can’t Breathe is a public-participatory workshop and performance that will take the form of a self-defense class. Over the course of a half hour, participants will learn a range of self-defense technique – from purely pacifist, self-protective maneuvers (including how one may relieve the pressure of a chokehold) to more overt, defensive strategies. (Participants will not learn offensive strikes or moves.)

Participants will then be placed and paired off in a staggered arrangement. With certain cues given by the artist, each pair will enact the self-defense technique just learned, alternating in the role of the aggressor. As the artist recites a script inspired by Nina Simone, each pair will elect which action to take solely based on how he or she internalizes the words’ meaning.

The overall, impromptu composition of defensive actions will, thus, create a reflection and meditation on our community’s legacy of self-preservation, and continued desire/need/fight to protect and survive. The piece will be conducted in memory of Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Freddie Gray, Walter Scott, Eric Garner, Jamar Clark, Laquan McDonald, Michael Brown, Akai Gurley, Ramarley Graham, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin … and countless others.



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